When your wheels are not aligned correctly this can cause a loss of handling and damage to your car parts.


You can get a laser wheel alignment service from us that helps ensure that you're safe on the road.

Wheels that are not balanced properly lead to vibrations and premature wearing of tyres, brakes and the suspension. You can be assured that our wheel balancing service will help you get rid of those issues and save you future costs.

Wheel balancing to help your car feel smooth

Protect your car parts with wheel works

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Keeping you safe with wheel alignment

 •  No more irregular tyre wear

 •  Reduction of wear on car parts

 •  Smoother drive

 •  Reduced vibration

 •  Safer steering

 •  More control of your car

Benefits from our wheel works

Reduce wear and tear on your car parts

When your wheels are not aligned or balanced properly this can cause problems for your car and for your safety on the road. Brooko's Tyre & Exhaust Centre Ltd helps you get these fixed to reduce any long term damage and costs.

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